Sentry DashCam Bridge

Watch Tesla Sentry and DashCam videos wirelessly on your phone.

Introducing the simplest, and most hassle-free way to download, watch and share your Tesla Sentry and DashCam Videos.

Wireless Sentry Dashcam Video App for Android
Wireless Sentry Dashcam Video App for iOS

Our Story

The history and making of our product.

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Beautiful event timeline and video player experience

We've built an amazing event timeline and video player experience that stitches Tesla's 60-second clips into entire events. Easily browse through hours of video for that special moment.

Record unique events and easily share on Facebook and Instagram, or as evidence with the insurance companies.

Capture amazing Tesla DashCam and Sentry videos to brag about to your friends and family, or submit as evidence for insurance claims.

Tesla Dascham Video

Wireless Tesla Sentry and Tesla DashCam Video Playback.

No more USB sticks plugging / unplugging hassle. Quickly and effortlessly watch and share Tesla recorded videos wirelessly on your mobile phone. The fewest steps to instant gratification compared to any other solutions.


Browse sentry events while you’re charging

Bored at the charging station? Why not watch some DashCam and Sentry Videos?

Tesla Model S and Model X
No wires. Completely wireless

Unobstructed windshield from mounted DashCams.

US Army and UCLA Anderson Founders

Founded by American grad school entrepreneurs and vets

Designed in CA

Designed in California by Tesla owners, Assembled in America


Everything you want to know. 

The App

The Sentry DashCam App and Bridge are a smart IoT device and an App that help Tesla owners with auto-pilot cameras quickly and effortlessly watch and share Tesla Sentry (alarm) and DashCam videos instantly, without the hassle of plugging and unplugging USB memory sticks, cables and adapters. Once connected, the Bridge acts like a USB stick and records Sentry events, recent DashCam and driver-saved videos. You can then watch them on your mobile phone wirelessly, without ever disconnecting the device.

Easy Sentry and Dashcam Video Downloads

Let’s be honest, the current solutions are clunky and don’t mirror the Tesla ownership experience we’ve grown to appreciate. They require custom USB stick configuration and formatting, constant unplugging and plugging into a computer, transferring files, saving videos, encoding and uploading to social media. Then more awkward digging into our storage space to find the USB ports and plug the USB back into our vehicles. 

Quick and Wireless Sentry and Dashcam Videos

This frustrating process takes a lot of time and robs us of the “instant gratification” of watching Sentry and DashCam videos right when we walk into our cars and simply launch the app.

We’re Tesla owners, and we know when we step into our cars, we step into the future. Getting and watching our Sentry and DashCam videos should feel the same.

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Built by Tesla owners for Tesla owners

  • Mobile App


  • 32GB of Video Storage


  • 260 Minutes of Video


  • Bluetooth 5.0


  • Wireless 802.11AC WiFi


  • App Pairing



Yes, we even made sure you won't lose a USB port


    Pi Zero W Basic Starter Kit

  • USB Cable

    1ft Micro USB Premium Cable

  • 32GB+ Micro SDHC

    32GB+ Micro SDHC



Tech-savvy entrepreneurs and innovators

Ivan Todorov


A Silicon Valley .com era digital-native and serial entrepreneur obsessed with solving business, marketing and operations challenges through technology and customer experience (CX) innovation. Ivan brings 20 years of business management, growth, and high-performance cross- functional team building. Empathetic, purposeful and thoughtful, Ivan is a whole “system” architect and problem solver with clients such as Faraday Future, Fisker, Microsoft, Adobe, VIZIO and Xbox.  

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Daniel has nearly 20 years of software development experience and a passion for innovating. He started his career primarily in website development and over the years, expanded his skill set to include infrastructure architecture/automation, AI/Machine Learning, CRM/ERM integration, API development, and IoT product development. During his agency career he worked on web, IoT, and video streaming projects for companies such as VW and Siemens.

Ben Lee


Ben Lee is a tech influencer, one of Inc.’s 30 Under 30 Most Brilliant Entrepreneurs, and cofounder of Rootstrap, a digital creative studio who helps companies like MasterClass, Quartz, Disney, and Google scale their people and process through outcome-driven development.

Stephen Brightman


A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and an MBA candidate at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, Stephen spent seven years as an Army Officer planning and executing highly intricate troop and equipment movements by land, air, and sea. He culminated his time in the Army as a Battery Commander, responsible for the defense of America’s #1 asset in the Middle East, the health and welfare of 80 Soldiers, their families, and over $375M+ worth of equipment. After leaving the Army, Stephen worked as the Chief of Staff at $2B aerospace and defense company, learning the ins and outs of the C-suite before joining an executive search firm, placing highly qualified supply chain and operations executives at Fortune 500 companies globally.

Courtnie Cotillo


Courtnie is a driven leader with 10 years of experience in digital marketing, experience strategy and digital product development. As the Director of Delivery, Courtnie oversees the project management team and delivery output to ensure on-time delivery of scope and quality of work. She has worked with brands such as Hulu, Amazon, Cisco, FX Networks, Primrose Schools, Insomniac, VIZIO, Riot Games, Hasbro, Disney, Alienware, Microsoft, Adobe, and Activision.

Amanda Smith


Amanda is customer service and experience leader for startups. Superior customer service is a top priority and non negotiable to her - she believes human interaction and understanding are essential to any successful business. As with any startup in the tech industry, change and evolution are constant and expected, requiring one to adapt and grow in order to keep brands current, relevant, and fresh. Prior to working with startups, she worked in billing for medical equipment companies. She has earned multiple employee of the month for going above and beyond to be a team player.

“Finally a wireless solution that works.”

Ken Martin, Customer and Beta Tester

“I love the intuitive user interface and app speed. Amazing”

Sentry DashCam App Beta Tester