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  2. How do I make a Sentry DashCam Bridge with a Raspberry Pi?

Step 2: Assembling the Raspberry Pi Zero W

If you purchased a Raspberry Pi Zero W kit, this guide will explain what you need to do with the kit contents.



  1. If you bought a kit with a heat sink, you can now remove the sticker on the bottom and adhere the "heat sink" to the largest dark square on the board (see step #2 photo for additional clarity). The heat sink is to cool the processing chip to get the most performance out of the device.Raspberry Pi Zero heat sink
  2. Insert the micro SDXC card into the Raspberry Pi Zero W label side away from the board as shown in the picture. Be sure not to insert the card into the nearby HDMI or USB ports.Raspberry Pi Zero and micro SDXC card
  3. If you have a case, you can now insert your Raspberry Pi Zero W according to the case manufactures instructions.Raspberry Pi Zero case

You may be wondering what to do with all those other parts that came with your kit. Because the kits are made for many purposes, there are a few parts we won't be using for Sentry DashCam Bridge. These include but are not limited to: a wall power supply, alternate case covers, 40 pin header, camera module adapter (ribbon cable), USB cable adapters, mini HDMI adapter.

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