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  2. How do I make a Sentry DashCam Bridge with a Raspberry Pi?

Step 3: Connecting the Raspberry Pi Zero W to your Tesla

Using the correct Raspberry Pi Zero W USB port matters. This guide will help make sure you are connected correctly.

  1. Partially assembled Sentry DashCam BridgeUsing the micro USB cable from the hardware requirements from the Getting Started guide, connect the micro USB side of the cable to the data port of your Raspberry Pi Zero W. There are two ports the micro USB connector will fit into, but only one will work with the vehicle. You may be tempted to use the port labeled for power, but because this needs to be detected by the vehicle as a USB Flash Drive, we need to use the data port circled in red.
  2. Tesla center consoleYou can now connect the Raspberry Pi Zero W to your Tesla using the other end of the USB cable. Into either of Tesla's console USB ports. Plugging into the incorrect USB port will cause your Raspberry Pi Zero W to start but it will be unable to receive video from your vehicle. 
  3. Your Sentry DashCam Bridge is now ready to use with Sentry DashCam App!

Wiring diagram for connecting with USB splitter to support dual phone wireless charger.

If you are using both USB ports already for something like a dual phone wireless charger like the Nomad Wireless Charger, you may want to try a USB splitter so that you can still have use of both USB ports for the purpose of powering devices.

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