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  2. How do I make a Sentry DashCam Bridge with a Raspberry Pi?

Step 1: Installing Sentry DashCam Bridge for the Raspberry Pi Zero W

This guide will walk you through the steps to install the Sentry DashCam Bridge software on an SD card for a Raspberry Pi Zero W

Please note that this process will format and permanently erase any data currently on the micro SD card.

Software Requirements

Not sure what parts to buy? Take a look at the Getting Start page.


For the following steps, you will need only your micro SDXC card, adapter to connect the micro SD card to your computer, and your computer. You will not need your Raspberry Pi Zero W.

  1. Download the latest Sentry DashCam Bridge (request early access for the private beta here)
    software and save it someplace easy to access like your desktop.
  2. Download, install, and launch Balena EtcherBalena Etcher (Mac) - Installation
  3. Using a Micro SD to USB adapter (or another adapter), insert the micro SDXC card into the adapter and the adapter into your computer. Do not plug your SDXC card into the Raspberry Pi Zero W or the Raspberry Pi Zero W into your computer.
  4. In Etcher, click Select Image, navigate to the SentryDashcamBridge-yyyy-mm-dd.zip (example: SentryDashCamBridge-2020-05-30.zip) downloaded previously.
  5. Next, click Select Target, and choose the micro SDXC card you wish to format. It will likely show up as Mass Storage Device Media or Generic Mass Storage Media. Please note the label may vary as well as the storage size displayed in this example. Be sure you select the correct storage device to avoid unintentionally formatting the wrong device. You may want to unplug any other USB storage devices to avoid accidentally wiping the wrong storage device. Keep in mind that any data on the SDXC card will be lost when installing  Sentry DashCam Bridge.
  6. Finally, click Flash to start the install process.
  7. After clicking Flash, you may be prompted for your computer password. Please allow the installer to proceed.Allow Install
  8. Etcher will then begin the install process to the SDXC card. This process can take a few minutes.
  9. Once the writing is complete, validation will begin automatically to ensure that there were no errors in writing the Sentry DashCam Bridge software to the SDXC card.
  10. Once complete, the card will be automatically unmounted. You can now close Etcher, remove the card, and proceed to assembly.

Next Steps