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  2. How do I make a Sentry DashCam Bridge with a Raspberry Pi?

Step 4: Connecting the Sentry DashCam App to a Sentry DashCam Bridge

These steps will walk you through the process of connecting using the Sentry DashCam Bridge WIFI connection.


It may take a moment for the Sentry DashCam Bridge to become available after it is powered on from your Tesla's USB port.


  1. Using your phone's wireless settings, you should now be able to see the wireless network SSID elon1. Select this network and use the default password of ilovetesla to connect.IMG_0052
  2. You can now launch the Sentry DashCam App and select "Connect to wireless device". It may take a moment for the app to connect. 
  3. You should now see an indicator that you are connected to the wireless device. If you have not recorded saved any videos yet, you will also see a message stating such.
  4. Congratulation, your Sentry DashCam App is now connected to the Sentry DashCam Bridge!